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Hawk-Eye Technology
Get the best HD Hawk-eye view in the games and support your team.
HANS device
Get the most effective HANS device for immediate assistance in any injuries.
Prosthetic Devices
Give your favourite game another chance with the lightweight prosthetics with custom fits.

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Best product ever! I cannot imagine how amazing watching sports is going to be for me.

Lawrence M. Toney

I received the best prosthetics and the right fit. I have never been this confident in my life after the accident.

- Shawn M. Vester

It is nothing less than a miracle that my son has the best technology and motivation that he needed.

Veronica E. Andrews

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Six Technological Advancements That Have Changed Sports


When sports interact with science, you get powerful results. Can you imagine any part of your life without science? Unless you’re okay with the idea of living without medicine, transportation and your smartphone, the answer is no. When it comes to sports, you may not see the direct link between science and sports, but science is used all around the sports industry. The Tv you watch sports in, the heart monitors, the sports apps on phones etc. are all forms of science. Technology has changed the entire face of sports. Therefore, today, we have brought you a list of six technological advancements that have changed the world of sports.

Hawk-Eye Technology – The hawk-eye technology uses six to seven high-end cameras that are situated above the field of play to analyse the trajectory of an object being used in the game. The hawk-eye technology is most commonly used in sports such as cricket, rugby, tennis and volleyball. This technology has been in use since 2006 and is considered more accurate than a judge’s eye in tennis. The technology helps in providing error-free judgements and prevents speculations of the referee’s decisions.

HANS device – Technological advancements in sports are majorly concerned with safety, and the HANS (Head and Neck Support) device is one of the most famous technologies. HANS is a U-shaped device which is placed behind the neck of the player, and the two arms are placed over the muscles of the chest. A HANS device keeps the head from whipping backwards and forwards at the time of a crash.

Video Technology – In today’s era of sports, everything happens live and not just on the TV set but can be streamed on tablets, smartphones etc. Today, you are never far from live access. Instant replays, highlights of the match, HD TV sets, etc., have entirely changed the sports-watching experience.

Wearable Computers – Another advancement in the technology of safety are wearable computers that allow tracking of an athlete’s health. The incidents of dehydration and heart attacks have dramatically decreased since their creation. It efficiently supervises hydration, pulse rate, temperature etc.

Prosthetic Devices for Disabled Athletes – With the advancement in technology, physically disabled athletes can compete in sports like never before. Athletes are put in bodysuits that have motion sensors embedded in them. The athletes go through various movements, while the cameras and tech report their movements.

Indigestible Thermometer Pills – For an athlete, it is essential to supervise visceral organs, heart rate and temperature. However, it is not always possible to check it manually. Therefore, various trainers use indigestible pills. The pill moves around the gastrointestinal tract and transmits vital reports of the body. This helps in solving any problem before an accident takes place.