Basic Marathon Training Tips

Basic Marathon Training Tips

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Here are some basic tips that can be applied to almost any type of training for a running event:

Marathon Training Tips
– Min. of 40 miles/week and 3 long runs of at least 75% of the time you plan to run or 20 miles (whichever is longer).
– The more miles you can run @ race pace per week the less likely you are to “crash”.
– Take at least one of your long runs on similar race terrain or surface.
– Don’t try anything new on race day
– Cotton socks cause blisters faster – use acrylic fiber socks and vaseline on any blister prone areas.
– Run at least 50 miles in race shoes.
– Bring layers for race day, especially “disposable” clothing. This means a second set of socks, gloves, and hats.
– Rest enough prior to the marathon. One method is to decrease training running miles 2-3 weeks prior to and an easy jog the day before race day.
– Get a message a few days prior.
– Stay well hydrated.

Race Day
– Have confidence in your training.
– Recover immediately after: rehydrate and refuel.
– Change your clothes!
– Don’t pop your blisters until after you shower. (see article for popping process)
– Get black and blue toenails drained ASAP
– Keep moving around as much as possible in ensuing days.
– Alternate Hot and Cold soaks.
– Get a message.
– Take anti-inflammatories 1st post-marathon week.
– Use judgment when to run again (1 month prior is recommended)